ESlint, or not! You are bugged! In this article we’ll get to know what are irregular spaces and fixing them

Before starting if you are in a hurry! Want to look how to fix them! Skip to the fix section!

What are irregular spaces

A sort of like invalid whitespace that is not a normal tab and space. Some of these characters may cause issues in modern browsers and others will be a debugging issue to spot. (I had a bad experience once where i scratched my head over all! In the end i was lucky i used a certain editor that spot…

We all may know about global and scope nature and all! But this property may slipped for you (How to define globals)

Here i want to highlight one property of global !

What you put there is accessible also directly (that define globals)

(make sure to check the Property title and section)

Before bringing the property! Let’s define global again!

global is a language keyword specific to nodejs and reference The global namespace object

As it was already described on other answers! The top scope in a module! Is not global! And limited to only that module!

So when you…

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to change directory (cd) to a certain directory! Execute a command ! Then cd again to root! To execute another command that need to be done in root as for example for gulp!

To illustrate here an example

"tas:adminApp:build": "cd src/KidoService/AdminApp && npm run build && gulp build_copyAdminApp",

This will fail for the gulp execution! We need to go back to the project root folder! And if we don’t. Trying to run gulp will throw an error because it need to be run on root! …

The world have no limitation. Thinking need always to keep going! The beauty, you carve it! You decide to be the magicians! Let’s learn in all. Through all. And at every dote of any time line. Also known as a moment.

Note before starting: The text is in purpose made line by line! And not all well structured! (a style). It may seems too long! But it fit in just two large telegram comments! It’s fun and it get more and more fun and interesting all along! It show a sense for magic! And beauty and lightening energetic perception and…

Screenshot by the author

Who doesn’t appreciate the coolness that SVG brings? SVG support in HTML 5 is by all means a great technology that offers a lot. And in all its simplest forms, we appreciate how our icons or graphics can scale without losing their sharpness. Also, we like to be able to control and play with the details that form our graphics, to style them, animate them, and so on.

In this article, I will show the two methods to import SVG assets into React components. I like to call them the in-source assets as they will be situated in our source…

To have private files (images), you need to serve the files through a **route => middleware => controller** flow.

Know that by default, or by the setting of your project (case you are using multi — guard authentication) your auth middleware will handle authentication, and permission. If further authorization are needed you handle it in the controller (using whatever mean you want. …

This extension is one of the Jewell we had

A screen shoot showing that it work nicely with gnome shell 3.30.1 and it’s just a Jewell

Bad as it can be, it’s not updated in the gnome-shell extension store. And in latest version of gnome-shell (after upgrading maybe), it will stop working.

Good for us, the bug was slight and the author have fixed it. Though didn’t update the package in the extension store.

You can see that in this issue thread :


Install it manually from this release:


> git clone

> cd gs-extensions-drop-down-terminal

> cp -R ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions

We copy from the repo to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions (default extensions directory)

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